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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Ben Tse and Samantha Butler


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New tactic to fight scam phone calls  Listenfacebook
Authorities say they are stepping up the fight against fraudulent calls and messages. Mobile telecom companies will be required to send out voice or text alerts for incoming overseas calls from next month. Leung Pak-hei reports:
Two people arrested after suspect escapes court  Listenfacebook
Police have arrested two people for allegedly helping a man escape from detention at West Kowloon Court on Monday. Mike Weeks reports:
Curb door-knocking at schools to stop 'musical chairs effect'  Listenfacebook
An educator says reducing the number of discretionary places that schools can offer could help save unpopular schools from closing down. Mervyn Cheung, the head of the Hong Kong Education Policy Concern Organisation, said that this system of "door-knocking" was creating a "musical chairs effect" in schools, and that the less popular schools were the hardest hit and end up with fewer students than originally allocated. He also called for authorities to consider the case of a Cheung Chau school, which has been denied permission to take in primary one pupils for the new academic year, after falling just one short of the 16 required for a class, should be given compassionate consideration given its remote location. He begins by explaining to Samantha Butler how the system of "door-knocking" works:
'No need to worry' over Covid infection spike  Listenfacebook
Medical expert Lau Yu-lung says there is no need to worry about a recent tripling in the Covid-19 reproduction number. As Violet Wong reports, the chair professor of paediatrics at the University of Hong Kong says the spike up does not point to a significant increase in infection risks:
Plan to restrict e-bikes and e-scooters to bike tracks  Listenfacebook
A member of the government's electric mobility devices committee says electric bikes and scooters may be subject to a speed limit, and may only be allowed on designated cycling tracks if and when they are legalised in Hong Kong. Ringo Lee, the president of the Automobile Association, had said earlier that laws could be in force by the end of this year. Ada Au reports:
Authorities 'pre-empted' results of e-bike trial  Listenfacebook
A cycling enthusiast says it will be a huge loss for the city if e-bikes and other electric mobility devices can only be used on designated cycling tracks. Martin Turner, chairman of the Hong Kong Cycling Alliance, says he is concerned the plans will push the mobility devices out of people's lives while they are being embraced in other parts of the world. He also accused the Transport Department of pre-empting the results of a trial of the electric mobility devices on bike tracks, that ended in November. Turner spoke to Ada Au:
Victorious ice hockey team returns home  Listenfacebook
The Hong Kong women's ice hockey team has returned home, after winning a gold medal at the world championships in Romania and narrowly avoiding another national anthem blunder. The head of the local ice hockey association says the whole issue is affecting players across all sports and it is time to cool things down. Vanessa Cheng reports:
Top official on HK affairs to visit SAR  Listenfacebook
A top Beijing official will kick off a visit to the SAR on Thursday. The head of the State Council's Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office, Xia Baolong, will attend the opening ceremony of the National Security Education Day during his stay. Maggie Ho reports:
China outlines measures over generative AI  Listenfacebook
Content created by generative AI will have to fall in line with China's core socialist values. That is according to draft measures released by the Cyberspace Administration of China as mainland tech giants race to develop home-grown chatbot software. Natale Ching reports:
US, Philippines begin largest-ever joint drills  Listenfacebook
The Philippines and the United States have launched their largest-ever joint military exercises. They are the first to be held under President Ferdinand Marcos Junior, who has sought to strengthen ties with the US. Altis Wong reports:
Mainland food prices push down inflation  Listenfacebook
Falling food prices on the mainland have brought high street inflation down to its lowest level since September 2021 while wholesalers continue to be dogged by deflation. Vicky Wong reports:
Junior doctor strike 'most disruptive' in NHS history  Listenfacebook
Thousands of doctors in England have begun a four-day strike, expected to be the most disruptive in the history of the National Health Service. The doctors say their salaries have been eroded by years of below-inflation rises and are demanding a 35 percent pay increase. RTHK's UK correspondent, Gavin Grey, told Annemarie Evans more about who was taking part in the industrial action and the effect it was having on patients: