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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Ben Tse and Samantha Butler


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Xia Baolong outlines ‘six hopes’ after six-day visit  Listenfacebook
The director of the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office has expressed confidence about the future of Hong Kong, as he wrapped up his inspection tour of the SAR. Chief Executive John Lee relayed the message to reporters after Xia Baolong left the city on Tuesday to return to the capital. Kelly Yu reports:
Xia's visit signals Hong Kong's 'importance' to Beijing  Listenfacebook
China strategist Andrew Leung described Xia Baolong's visit as "unprecedented", saying it marks a turning point in Beijing-Hong Kong relations following the 2019 protests. He said the trip highlighted Beijing's emphasis on Hong Kong, and that the SAR would continue to play an important role in the country's development. Leung spoke to Kelly Yu:
Hospital offers condolences after patient dies in A&E  Listenfacebook
Eastern Hospital says a chronically-ill woman died on Monday after passing out in one of its toilets. She had been seen by a doctor but only after a very long wait at accident-and-emergency. Natale Ching reports:
HA urged to adopt technology to track patients  Listenfacebook
A patients advocacy group has urged the Hospital Authority to think about adopting new technology to monitor and keep track of patients waiting in accident and emergency. Alex Lam from the group Hong Kong Patients' Voices told Elvis Yu that it was “unfortunate” a patient died after a long wait in an emergency room:
Call to expand GBA medical scheme  Listenfacebook
The government has been urged to expand a planned pilot scheme to provide subsidised healthcare for Hong Kong citizens living elsewhere in the Greater Bay Area. As Maggie Ho reports, the plan announced on Tuesday will be limited to just one Shenzhen hospital when it's launched next month:
Ear-biter granted permission to appeal sentence  Listenfacebook
A man jailed for over 14 years for a knife attack during the 2019 protests, in which he bit off a then-district councillor's ear, has been given permission to challenge his punishment. His legal representatives are questioning the principles used in his sentencing and whether all mitigation was taken into account. Frank Yung reports:
Govt drops free electricity-charging at some carparks  Listenfacebook
Motorists will no longer be able to charge their electric vehicles for free at some government-owned car parks later this year. The move was announced by the Environmental Protection Department, which hopes it will encourage the private sector to also install such facilities. Violet Wong reports:
Questions raised over how much to charge EVs for power  Listenfacebook
The chairman of an electric vehicle association says ending free-charging for electric vehicles at some government car parks should hopefully encourage private car parks to offer more charging facilities. Mark Webb-Johnson from Charged Hong Kong says it has not been feasible for car parks to offer paid charging, as they have had to compete with free-charging spots. While the government has not said how much it will charge cars for power, Webb-Johnson told Ben Tse that there was a need to ensure electric vehicles were still cheaper to operate than petrol or diesel ones:
New species of box jellyfish found in HK  Listenfacebook
A Hong Kong Baptist University-led team has discovered a new species of box jellyfish. It was found in Hong Kong's Mai Po marshes. The jellyfish is over 10 centimetres long, has 12 tentacles and 24 eyes. It is the first box jellyfish ever to be found in Hong Kong waters. The researchers confirmed it is poisonous but they are not sure just how dangerous it is to humans. Team leader Professor Qiu Jianwei told Leung Pak-hei more about the discovery:
Citizens' sightings add to knowledge of local jellyfish  Listenfacebook
John Terenzini, founder of the Hong Kong Jellyfish Project, says the Mai Po discovery is really exciting. He said not much was known about jellyfish in general, and particularly here in Hong Kong. He spoke to Leung Pak-hei about his Hong Kong Jellyfish Project:
Beijing issues angry response to G7 over territorial claims  Listenfacebook
China has slammed a communique by the G7 group of nations, saying it "grossly interfered in its internal affairs and maliciously smeared and discredited the country. Cecil Wong reports:
China's GDP grows 4.5 percent in Q1  Listenfacebook
The mainland economy grew by 4.5 percent in the first quarter since the end of pandemic curbs in December. The year-on-year GDP figure beat analysts' expectations of four percent expansion, but it is below China's official annual growth target of about five percent. Raymond Yeung, ANZ Bank's Chief Economist of Greater China, says he expects Beijing to stick to its current supportive economic policy. He told Ada Au that the export, retail sales and residential property sales figures were all higher than expected, making him cautiously optimistic about the nation’s sustained recovery:
Ping An renews call to break up HSBC  Listenfacebook
One of HSBC's top shareholders, Ping An, has renewed its call for the break up of the bank, saying the bank's operating performance is deteriorating. But US shareholder advisory group, Glass Lewis, takes an opposing view, saying the strategic review proposed by shareholder, Ken Lui, in Hong Kong and backed by the Chinese insurer, is not in the interests of HSBC investors. The UK-based bank does most of its business in Asia and now faces a divided shareholder base ahead of its annual meeting early next month. Robert Kemp reports:
SNP treasurer released without charge in finance probe  Listenfacebook
The treasurer of the Scottish National Party, Colin Beattie, has been released without charge pending further investigation by police into the party's finances. First Minister Humza Yousaf said Beattie's arrest was "clearly a very serious matter indeed". It came just hours before Yousaf set out his government's priorities for the next three years. RTHK's UK correspondent, Peter Anderson, told Samantha Butler that the investigation has left the SNP in turmoil: