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Heat stress warning system 'too complicated'  Listenfacebook
The government has defended its heat stress index following criticism from environmental and grassroots organisations. Greenpeace and the Hong Kong Workers' Health Centre says new guidelines to protect workers from heat stroke set too high a threshold for issuing warnings. But the Labour Department said its index considered factors such as the temperature, humidity, air movement, solar radiation and hospital admissions. And it said given the higher humidity in summer, it accurately reflected the level of heat stress and associated health risks. But the groups said the warning system repeatedly turned on and off, confusing companies and their workers. The chairman of the Hong Kong Workers' Health Centre, Yu Tak-sun, told Anne Chan that the Labour Department should instead link the heat stress guidance to the Observatory's general hot weather warning:
'Consult unions' to revise heat warning system  Listenfacebook
Greenpeace campaigner, Tom Ng, says the government's warning system fails to take into account the varying temperatures felt by workers across the city and in different professions. He said outdoor workers should adopt an international scale that also measures UV radiation, while the government should consult various workers' unions to devise more targeted warnings. He spoke to Samantha Butler:
Union says over-charging cabbies should be banned  Listenfacebook
A member of the Motor Transport Workers General Union has urged the government to suspend the licence of any taxi driver who repeatedly overcharges passengers. The director of the union's Taxi Driver Branch, Ho Chi-keung, made the call after a mainland social influencer complained he had been rejected by several taxi drivers and was later ripped-off over his ride from Central to Causeway Bay. Frank Yung reports:
Lawmaker suggests 'flexible' noise control measures  Listenfacebook
Lawmaker Gary Zhang says a proposed ban on the use of loudspeakers for peddling would add to the hardship of shops and other vendors. He says the last thing businesses struggling to recover from the pandemic needs is to be hit with restrictions on touting their wares to passers-by. He spoke to Hailey Yip about the proposed new noise-control laws unveiled by the government this week:
10 arrests made over protester fund  Listenfacebook
National security police say they have arrested 10 people linked to a fund that was set up to help anti-government protesters pay their legal and medical bills. They said the 10 were suspected of inciting a riot and “conspiracy to collusion with a foreign country or with external elements to endanger national security”. Frank Yung reports:
Indonesia insists helper hiring fees unchanged  Listenfacebook
Indonesia has insisted there has been no change to the cost structure of fees for hiring helpers from its country. Labour minister Chris Sun said he was told by the acting consul-general of Indonesia that the group that announced a fee increase last week did not represent Jakarta. He was commenting after an Indonesian workers' union came to Hong Kong and pressed employers here to abide by a rule set by Indonesia years ago, that said helpers from its country should not pay any job placement fees. Wendy Wong reports:
Hospital searching for missing teenage patient  Listenfacebook
United Christian Hospital says it is very concerned about the welfare of a 15-year-old girl who left its gynaecology ward on Thursday night without notifying staff. Robert Kemp reports:
Passenger numbers up, but property drags on MTR profits  Listenfacebook
The MTR Corporation says first-half profit fell by nearly 12 percent year-on-year. The railway giant says local patronage has rebounded but earnings from property development saw a sharp drop, as Elvis Yu reports:
China resumes group tours to US, UK, Japan  Listenfacebook
Beijing has given the green light to the resumption of group tours to more countries, including Japan, the UK and the US. Outbound travel operators across the border welcomed the move, as Vanessa Cheng reports:
New tech measures 'undermine' international trade  Listenfacebook
In Beijing, the Commerce Ministry says it is "gravely concerned" about an executive order signed by President Biden that will block US investment in some Chinese businesses. The ministry added that it reserved the right to take counter-measures, as Kelly Yu reports: