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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Samantha Butler and Ben Tse


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Teenager arrested over shooting deaths in Bangkok mall  Listenfacebook
Two people, including a Chinese national, have been killed and five other people wounded in a shooting in a packed Bangkok shopping mall. The shootout happened on Tuesday afternoon. As Priscilla Ng reports, Thai police say they have arrested a 14-year-old suspect:
Standby signal no. 1 to be issued as Koinu approaches  Listenfacebook
The observatory will issue the Number One standby signal on Wednesday night as Typhoon Koinu heads towards Hong Kong. Authorities in Taiwan - where the storm is forecast to hit first - have issued weather alerts ahead of Koinu's arrival. Todd Harding reports:
HKU vice chancellor denies criminal allegations  Listenfacebook
The vice-chancellor of the University of Hong Kong, Zhang Xiang, has hit out against what he says are defamatory and criminal allegations of fiscal and procedural impropriety against him, as a special meeting scheduled to discuss the claims on Tuesday was reportedly cancelled. Chief Executive John Lee, meanwhile, has expressed confidence that the university will be able to deal with the complaints in a fair and impartial manner. Wendy Wong reports:
CE hails National Day activities a success  Listenfacebook
Chief Executive John Lee says Hong Kong should continue working to make itself a bigger draw for tourists, after government figures showed the number of people who left the city over the long weekend outnumbered incoming tourists. But Lee says various government initiatives to celebrate National Day were a success and the city was bustling over the holidays. Kelly Yu reports:
Cheaper options lure HKers to the mainland  Listenfacebook
John Lee also says he has noted various concerns about the night vibes campaign, including views that night markets are not sustainable in the long run. He says he is now looking for fresh ideas but that trying out new things is better than doing nothing. So what do community leaders and businesses think? Altis Wong reports:
'Promote HK's heritage to boost tourism'  Listenfacebook
A local councillor says the government should help small businesses, and promote heritage sites in Hong Kong, in a bid to draw back tourists. Ivan Wong, chairman of the Wan Chai District Council, says Hong Kong faces stiff competition from surrounding cities, including cheaper attractions across the border. But he said Hong Kong still had much to offer, such as its harbour view, good infrastructure and public safety. He also told Samantha Butler that he doubted the government's Night Vibes campaign could boost overall spending in the economy:
Social worker fails in bid to quash retrial over rioting  Listenfacebook
Social worker Jackie Chen has failed to secure an appeal against a court's decision to quash her acquittal in a rioting case and put her on trial again. Vanessa Cheng reports:
Free flu vaccination begins for eligible residents  Listenfacebook
The Hospital Authority says eligible residents can receive free seasonal influenza vaccines at public hospitals and general outpatient clinics starting on Thursday. Those entitled to the service include public clinic patients who are aged 65 or above, paediatric outpatients with high risk conditions, as well as certain welfare recipients. The vaccination scheme will then be extended to other vulnerable groups later in the month. The consultant of family medicine and general out-patient clinics at the Kowloon Central Cluster, Dr Ken Ho, told Anne Chan that now was the ideal time for residents to be inoculated:
'Global cooperation needed to tackle climate change'  Listenfacebook
Prominent economist Jeffrey Sachs says Hong Kong and China are at the forefront of helping the world achieve sustainable development. The Columbia University professor was in Hong Kong, receiving an honorary doctorate in social sciences from the Chinese University. He described China as being at the forefront of green technology, being the low-cost producer of solar panels, wind turbines, electric vehicles and 5G connectivity. And he told Ben Tse that China's Belt and Road initiative would mean Asia and Africa would be the beneficiaries of this infrastructure: