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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Samantha Butler and Ben Tse


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Govt sets bounty for national security law violators  Listenfacebook
National security police are offering a million dollars each for information leading to the capture of five people accused of security law violations. A similar reward and arrest warrants were issued in July for eight other suspects who are also living overseas. Natale Ching reports:
New penalty points system for bad taxi drivers  Listenfacebook
A bill that introduces a new penalty points system to target taxi driver malpractice has passed in Legco. It comes a day after lawmakers approved a bill to allow a premium taxi fleet to operate in Hong Kong. As Damon Pang reports, it is all part of a push to improve taxi services:
Civil servants should mind their words  Listenfacebook
Civil service chief Ingrid Yeung has warned that civil servants will not be able to say whatever they want even if they add a disclaimer when expressing personal views. It comes amid proposals to change public servants' code of conduct. Frank Yung reports:
Permits required for regulated plant, animal items  Listenfacebook
A new law on endangered animal and plant species takes effect from Friday. People will need a permit to carry regulated items, such as shark's fin and rhodiola root, in and out of Hong Kong. Damon Pang reports:
Blueprint unveiled for fisheries, agriculture development  Listenfacebook
A government plan to launch the first urban farm in Hong Kong next year is just the beginning of the integration of farming into urban development. That is according to Secretary for Environment and Ecology Tse Chin-wan, who says more urban farms may open across the city in future. Vanessa Cheng reports:
Hopes new tech will reel in workers  Listenfacebook
The vice-chairman of the Sai Kung Angling Youth Association says plans to develop Hong Kong's agricultural and fisheries sector is 'great news'. Jacky Yeung said the industry lacked new blood as people nowadays preferred working in an air-conditioned office. He said more education was needed to lure people to the sector. He told Samantha Butler that with new technology, farming and fishing would become less labour-intensive and more attractive:
Dining vouchers offered to HK residents  Listenfacebook
The tourism trade has welcomed the Hong Kong Tourism Board’s decision to distribute HK$200,000 in dining vouchers to residents, describing it as a “Christmas gift” to businesses and locals. As Altis Wong reports, it comes after the board announced it would be giving out the HK$20 million worth of vouchers in two batches:
Consumers warned over sesame products  Listenfacebook
The Consumer Council has urged manufacturers to ensure the quality of sesame products after its tests found a majority of samples contained contaminants.The consumer watchdog tested 35 samples of sesame oil, powder and paste often found at markets and found 27 contained contaminants. Among them, four samples were found with plasticisers exceeding the so-called "action level" set by the Centre for Food Safety - one of them by up to 79 times. Kyrus Siu, who chairs the council's publicity and community relations committee, told Kelly Yu about the findings:
Safety concerns understandable over China aircraft  Listenfacebook
A mainland aviation specialist says international airlines have yet to purchase any of the China made C919 aircraft - a large passenger jet - due to the lack of pilots and technicians trained on the plane. The C919 and another home-grown smaller jet for regional routes - the ARJ21 - are currently on display at Chek Lap Kok airport, with the larger jet due to make a fly-by in Victoria Harbour on Saturday. There have so far been over 100 orders for the C919, all for domestic routes. Jason Li says it is understandable for people to have safety concerns about the plane as it only came into service this year. But he told Elvis Yu there had so far been no safety issues:
Local banks follow Fed in keeping rates steady  Listenfacebook
Leading local banks HSBC, Bank of China (Hong Kong) and Standard Chartered have kept their interest rates unchanged after the US Federal Reserve decided to keep rates steady and signalled it will cut rates next year. While local stocks finished higher on Thursday in hopes of lower rates, James Wong, chief executive officer at Cathaysia Securities, said market sentiment remained weak and the city's stock market would need to take time to pick up. He spoke to Chloe Feng:
Rate cuts won't prevent home prices falling  Listenfacebook
Analysts say the city's property market may receive a boost from possible rate cuts next year as the US Federal Reserve signalled that rate hikes may have come to an end. Hannah Jeong, Head of Valuation and Advisory Services at property firm Colliers, told Chloe Feng that the rate cuts may assist local property transaction volumes but it would not prevent home prices from falling in the coming 12 months:
Local charity inspiring and empowering girls  Listenfacebook
This year, Operation Santa Claus is raising money for 16 charities, one of which is Inspiring Girls Hong Kong, a charity aiming to empower girls in their career - particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds and marginalised communities. Carolyn Wright met Ines Gafsi, Chair and Director of Inspiring Girls to find out about the projects they are involved in: