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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Samantha Butler and Ben Tse


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Worker crushed by lifting platform  Listenfacebook
The Labour Department is investigating an industrial accident in which a man died after a lifting platform fell on him. The accident happened on Thursday afternoon outside the airport. Anne Chan reports:
Diamond traders accused of money-laundering  Listenfacebook
Customs officers have arrested four people, accused of laundering money by trading fake diamonds. The department said the case involved transactions of at least half a billion dollars. Natale Ching reports:
Joint probe with India helped bring down syndicate  Listenfacebook
A customs spokesman says the investigation into the money-laundering diamond traders is ongoing. Chan King-wai, divisional commander of the Customs Financial Investigation Bureau, told Anne Chan how intelligence gathering with Indian counterparts led to the arrests:
Land swap scheme expanded to boost development  Listenfacebook
The government has released more details about its plan to expand and relax a land exchange scheme. As Vanessa Cheng reports, the idea is to help speed up the creation of the Northern Metropolis:
Land changes may help achieve long-term goals  Listenfacebook
A property analyst says changes to land premiums and land swap arrangements may not be attractive to developers right now but will work in the long term. Hannah Jeong, head of valuation and advisory services at Colliers Hong Kong says given that the outlook for the property market is depressed right now, developers may prefer to look for comparatively cheaper land in urban areas in the short term. She spoke to Samantha Butler:
HK to support development in Qianhai cooperation zone  Listenfacebook
Chief Secretary Eric Chan says the SAR will be supporting its own social and economic development by helping to develop Qianhai, in neighbouring Shenzhen. He pointed out that the development of the mainland cooperation zone ties in well with Hong Kong's Northern Metropolis project, as Frank Yung reports:
'Northwest NT should be developed into a CBD'  Listenfacebook
Witman Hung, the co-president of the Qianhai Institute for Innovative Research, says the development of Qianhai offers opportunities for firms in Hong Kong to enter the mainland:
DoJ publicises court summaries from NSL cases  Listenfacebook
The Department of Justice says it has made available to the public a list of summaries from court cases related to the national security law and sedition offences to promote a better understanding of the two. Frank Yung reports:
Fourth suspect arrested over body found in Fanling  Listenfacebook
Police have arrested another man over the death of a mainland university student whose body was found dumped in an alley in Fanling on Saturday. Jacqueline Guico reports:
HKU study finds cognitive impairment in drug users  Listenfacebook
A study by the University of Hong Kong has found that people who are addicted to cocaine and methamphetamine suffer from cognitive impairment. The research team tracked 76 stimulant abusers across Hong Kong for a year and found all had developed a mild neurocognitive disorder. The study also found that female and older drug abusers who are less educated scored lower on global cognitive function assessments. Albert Chung, a clinical assistant professor at HKU's psychiatry department, told Kelly Yu more about the findings:
School uniforms: Does diversity trump uniformity?  Listenfacebook
It is common for schools in Hong Kong to have rules dictating what boys and girls should wear. Some believe a uniform policy helps foster a sense of identity among schoolchildren but others believe it reinforces gender stereotypes. Frank Yung spoke to various stakeholders to discuss different perspectives and ways to make everyone feel included and valued at school:
Record numbers on the move for the New Year  Listenfacebook
Passenger numbers across the country are expected to rise during the upcoming New Year rush. As Kelly Yu reports, the resumption of flights after the pandemic is just one of the reasons behind the upward trend:
Smartphone giant, Xiaomi, unveils first electric car  Listenfacebook
Mainland consumer electronics giant, Xiaomi, has unveiled its first electric car and its boss says it wants to become a global automotive powerhouse. Sean Kennedy reports: