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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Carol Musgrave


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Govt unveils hydrogen development strategy  Listenfacebook
Officials say 14 trial projects are in the pipeline, as part of the government's strategy to develop the use of hydrogen. As Kelly Yu reports, it is part of the government's plan to combat climate change:
FoE says hydrogen plan not comprehensive  Listenfacebook
Friends of the Earth Hong Kong has expressed disappointment with the government's hydrogen strategy, saying it is not comprehensive enough. The group's chairperson, Plato Yip, says focusing on the use of hydrogen in the energy sector could achieve a significant reduction in greenhouse gases. But he acknowledged the limitations facing Hong Kong and the high cost of producing green hydrogen. He told Carol Musgrave that the government needed policies to encourage end users, such as Town Gas, to switch to the zero emission fuel:
Emergency landing causes runway closure  Listenfacebook
The Airport Authority says the north runway at Chek Lap Kok is back in operation after it was shut for a few hours on Monday following an emergency landing. Some 450 flights were delayed after the cargo plane made its emergency return to the SAR. Wendy Wong reports:
Plane tyre bursts uncommon, but not unusual  Listenfacebook
An aviation expert says tyre bursts can occur in both cargo and passenger planes due to defects or if the airplane needs to stop within a short distance. Darryl Chan, who chairs the Aircraft Division in Hong Kong Institution of Engineers spoke to Kelly Yu about dealing with such incidents:
Tourist arrivals up 20 percent on-year  Listenfacebook
The Tourism Board says tourists made nearly 3.4 million trips to Hong Kong last month, a 20 percent increase from a year ago. As Elvis Yu reports, the SAR saw a jump in visitors from the mainland as well:
Pet hotels criticised for lacking price transparency  Listenfacebook
People planning to put their pets in temporary lodgings have been advised to scrutinise the fine print and avoid any operator that is unlicensed. Raymond Yeung reports:
Govt urged to list licensed pet boarding facilities  Listenfacebook
The Consumer Council says it chose 18 licensed pet hotels across Hong Kong at random for its study. The Council's chairman for Publicity and Community Relations, Victor Lam, says the government should make public its list of pet boarding facilities that are licensed. He spoke to Anne Chan about their survey:
Big differences found in performance of air purifiers  Listenfacebook
Air purifier makers have been urged to state clearly how much clean air their products can deliver per minute. As Anne Chan reports, the Consumer Council says this will help buyers make better choices:
No plans to test civil servants on national security  Listenfacebook
Civil service minister Ingrid Yeung says there will be plenty of national security training for new and current government staff and that authorities have no plans to test civil servants on how familiar they are with national security legislation. Damon Pang reports:
University fees to go up in phases  Listenfacebook
The government plans to raise university fees in the next few years. But education chief Christine Choi told RTHK that charges will go up in phases. Charlie Chun reports:
Bureau appoints members at school facing closure  Listenfacebook
The Education Bureau says it will appoint managers to the Confucian Tai Shing Primary School, citing ineffective management at the institution. The school is set to close in two years. Kelly Yu reports:
Eight bodies found inside refrigerated truck  Listenfacebook
The driver of a refrigerated truck in Henan province has been arrested after eight bodies were found inside the vehicle. Kelly Yu reports:
Li Qiang talks trade with Australian PM  Listenfacebook
Premier Li Qiang says China's relationship with Australia is on the right track as the two trading partners move on from their economic dispute. Natale Ching reports:
Israeli protesters rally against Netanyahu  Listenfacebook
Tens of thousands of Israelis have taken to the streets of Jerusalem, calling for the end of Prime Minister Netanyahu's government and a deal for a ceasefire for hostage release. It comes a day after the Israeli leader dissolved his war cabinet, making him more dependent on his ultra-orthodox partners. Azam Khan reports:
Putin embarks on friendly visit to North Korea  Listenfacebook
Russian President Vladimir Putin will travel to North Korea on Tuesday for what the Kremlin has described as a "friendly" visit. As Aaron Tam reports, it comes as the West suspects Pyongyang of supplying Moscow with weapons for its Ukraine offensive:
Nato chief criticises China over Ukraine war  Listenfacebook
Nato Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg says the military alliance will 'continue to bring Ukraine ever closer to membership' at an upcoming Nato summit. He also said more nuclear weapons were ready to be deployed. Azam Khan reports:
Mbappe urges people to vote against extremism  Listenfacebook
As France takes part in the Football Euros, the country's campaign for the upcoming snap general elections also kicks off. The last few days have seen new alliances emerge on the extreme left and right of French politics, and fervour on the streets in the form of mass protests. The political tremors, however, have reached the Euros tournament with France's biggest star jumping into the fray. Azam Khan reports:
Swiss museum removes paintings linked to Nazi looting  Listenfacebook
A museum in Switzerland is removing five of its paintings while it investigates whether they were looted by the Nazis during the second world war. The paintings include works by Claude Monet and Paul Gaugin. RTHK's UK correspondent, Gavin Grey, told Annemarie Evans that the paintings came from the collection of a German-born arms dealer:
Mexican wrestlers muscle in on climate debate  Listenfacebook
Mexican wrestlers spent last Sunday fighting for a different cause. Instead of vying for personal glory, they joined forces in Mexico City to highlight the dangers posed by climate change. Jacqueline Guico reports:
China retail sales jump; property slumps  Listenfacebook
China says its measures to support the economy are gaining traction and recovery is likely to continue despite complex external factors. The confidence expressed by the National Bureau of Statistics came as it released a mixed bag of data. Jacqueline Guico reports:
Mixed response to Apple's AI overhaul  Listenfacebook
Apple's integration of AI into its system has been met with mixed reviews. Some argue that it merely repackages existing technology without offering anything truly impressive. On the other hand, many praise Apple for its user-friendly approach, believing that it'll make AI more accessible to iPhone users who are new to the technology. So what are some of the most representative AI features we can expect from Apple? And how will its AI integration affect the game plan of other tech giants like Google and Microsoft? Raj Shroff and Elvis Yu find out in Tech Tuesday: