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‘Extradition move biggest violation ever of SAR’s mini-constitution’  Listenfacebook
Security Secretary John Lee on Monday announced that the government will table its highly controversial extradition law bill to the full Legislative Council next month, effectively killing off a bills committee set up by lawmakers to scrutinise the legal amendments. Lee said the government couldn't see any other way out, as the bills committee has been paralysed by fighting between the pro-establishment and pro-democracy camps. Legal sector lawmaker Dennis Kwok from the Civic Party told Jim Gould it was a gross violation of the SAR's mini-constitution.
Google cutting services to Huawei was expected: expert  Listenfacebook
US internet giant Google has announced that it was severing ties with mainland technology firm Huawei, after it was blacklisted by the Trump administration. The Chinese company is among a list of firms considered to pose a threat to US national security, and American firms must first get approval from authorities before they can engage in trade. Google will have to stop any business activity with Huawei that involves the transfer of hardware, software and technical services that are not publicly available. IT expert Francis Fong from the Hong Kong Information Technology Federation told Richard Pyne that this latest development was expected.
‘Don’t put your faith in Indian election exit polls’  Listenfacebook
Exit polls from India's marathon election showed an "overwhelming" vote in favour of a new term for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, according to his BJP party - as shares and the Indian currency surged on Monday on expectations of a new term. Still, opposition parties are refusing to concede, and the country faces a nerve-jangling three-day wait until the official count begins. Most media polls say the BJP party and its allies will secure enough seats to form a new government after the world's biggest election. Jim Gould put it to RTHK's South Asia correspondent Murali Krishnan that it was looking pretty good for Modi.