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Government reacted over-the-top over Chan Ho-tin's speech: China analyst  Listenfacebook
China analyst, Willy Lam, says the Hong Kong government reacted over-the-top by saying that it was totally inappropriate and unacceptable for any organisation to provide a public platform to people like Chan Ho-tin to air his views. Chan – from the pro-independence Hong Kong National Party – said during a speech at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club that separating from China was the only way for Hong Kong to protect its freedoms. Lam said Chan did not say anything about organising anything to achieve what he had said, nor did people in the audience feel he was going to hatch some kind of a plot. Lam spoke to Jim Gould:
Banned chemicals found in seafood samples  Listenfacebook
WWF-Hong Kong says it has found banned chemicals in seafood samples it collected from local supermarkets. It said one sample contained concentrations of a potentially cancer-causing chemical that were three-and-a-half times over EU food safety standards. The research followed its regular look into the seafood procurement policies of local supermarkets, with those under A.S. Watson, CR Vanguard and Kai Bo groups again performing the worst. Jovy Chan, who is WWF-Hong Kong’s senior programme officer for oceans sustainability, spoke to Ben Tse:
Motorist arrested on suspicion of terrorist offences  Listenfacebook
London police say a motorist who slammed into pedestrians and cyclists near the Houses of Parliament before crashing into the barriers, has been arrested on suspicion of terrorist offences. They said no other suspects have been identified and there was no intelligence of further danger to London. Two people were hurt, but authorities said none of the injuries were life-threatening. RTHK’s U.K. correspondent, Gavin Grey, spoke to Jim Gould: