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Pressure to get results quickly could have caused mix-up in lab  Listenfacebook
Civic Party lawmaker, Kwok Ka-ki, who is also a doctor, says mix-ups in laboratories are not common. He said the mix-up at the one that led officials to fear there were two separate strains of dengue fever on Cheung Chau, could have happened because the laboratory was under great pressure to provide the results as quickly as possible. Dr Kwok told Annemarie Evans that the mix-up will not affect the campaign to eliminate mosquitoes or efforts to deal with the spread of dengue fever:
Tree could topple, says tree expert  Listenfacebook
A tree expert, Professor Jim Chi-yung from the Education University, has visited the scene in Sau Mau Ping where a woman died after being hit by a falling branch. He said there were signs that the tree had been attacked by fungus. Professor Jim said the dangerous branches have been removed. But he told Jim Gould there was concern that the tree could topple:
Another challenge to unseat Australian prime minister possible: correspondent  Listenfacebook
Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, has survived a leadership challenge from within his own party as discontent with his rule boiled over less than a year before national elections. He declared his position vacant at a Liberal Party meeting to force the issue, after rampant speculation that Home Affairs Minister, Peter Dutton, wanted his job. Dutton has now resigned from cabinet following the ballot. RTHK’s Australia correspondent, Gerry Gannon, told Annemarie Evans that there could be another challenge against Turnbull before the end of the week: