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Australia probing reports of missing writer Yang Hengjun  Listenfacebook
The Australian government is investigating reports that a Chinese-Australian writer has gone missing in China. A friend of Yang Hengjun, a blogger and former Chinese diplomat, said the writer has not been heard from since flying from New York to Guangzhou on Saturday. Sydney academic Feng Chongyi said he fears Yang has been detained by mainland authorities. But China analyst Mark O'Neill told Annemarie Evans people shouldn’t rush to judgement in this case.
Overworked doctors get chance to air grievances  Listenfacebook
After nurses protested last weekend over excessive workloads, next it's the turn of doctors at public hospitals to air their grievances. A forum is planned for them this Saturday, and their questions will be answered by Health Secretary Sophia Chan and Hospital Authority chief Leung Pak-yin. Medical sector lawmaker Pierre Chan, who is helping to arrange the forum, says he hopes officials will address a long-standing manpower shortage, which is especially noticeable during the peak flu season. Dr Chan spoke to Wendy Wong.
‘Nasal vaccines should be offered as injection alternative’  Listenfacebook
The Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Hong Kong has urged the government to let school children receive nasal flu vaccines as an alternative to injections. The society’s president, William Chui, said the effectiveness of the new vaccines, which are sprayed into the nose, is similar to that of traditional flu shots. He believes more children would be willing to get vaccinated as they won’t feel pain. Dr Chui told Annemarie Evans about the society’s experience giving these vaccines to kindergarten children.