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‘Returning officer still has the power to bar candidates, despite Agnes Chow ruling’  Listenfacebook
The High Court has overturned a government decision to ban Demosisto candidate Agnes Chow from the Legislative Council by-election last year. In handing down his decision, High Court judge Anderson Chow said there was a "breach of the principle of natural justice or procedural fairness," because the returning officer disqualified Chow without giving her a reasonable opportunity to respond to doubts about her political stance. He said the right to be heard is "an important procedural safeguard which should not be lightly displaced". The Demosisto candidate described the court decision as only being a "partial victory". Annemarie Evans asked political scientist, Joseph Cheng, who's a retired professor from the City University of Hong Kong and has worked with the pan-democrats in the past, for his thoughts on the ruling.
Protesters need to cut out the violence: Priscilla Leung  Listenfacebook
Pro-establishment lawmaker Priscilla Leung on Monday said the community and politicians who don't support violence need to take action now to rescue Hong Kong. She did not specify what action needs to be taken, but Leung is concerned that the violence surrounding protests could continue to escalate. She said if demonstrators can put a halt to the violence, or at least ease tensions a little, the community will have more time to come up with a solution. Leung spoke to Janice Wong.
Dolphin hunting season begins in Japan, regardless of international criticism  Listenfacebook
The controversial dolphin hunting season has begun in Japan. Fishermen herd dolphins into a cove before sealing the area with a net. There's been widespread criticism of the practice but it isn't subject to international controls. A fleet of whaling boats also set sail from the island of Hokkaido on Monday, in one of the first commercial hunts since Japan withdrew from the International Whaling Commission in June. Annemarie Evans spoke to RTHK's Tokyo correspondent Julian Ryall about the annual hunt. She asked him if it was seen as controversially in Japan as it is elsewhere.