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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Mike Weeks and Ian Pooler


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Violence erupts at Hong Kong International Airport   Listenfacebook
Riot police clashed with demonstrators at the airport on Tuesday night as angry crowds assaulted and held captive two men they believed to be mainland agents. At one point an officer was forced to draw his gun after coming under a frenzied attack. Alex Price reports:
Hundreds more outbound flights cancelled   Listenfacebook
Tuesday’s violence came at the end of the second day in which thousands of anti-government protesters occupied the airport terminal, forcing the cancellation of hundreds more outbound flights. Demonstrators reiterated their demands for an investigation into policing after a woman was allegedly hit on Sunday by a police bean bag round which ruptured her right eye. As Maggie Ho reports, some travellers remained sympathetic towards the activists, but others were upset about the disruptions to their travel plans:
CE says protests pushing HK towards destruction   Listenfacebook
Chief Executive Carrie Lam has warned that violent protests are pushing Hong Kong into an abyss where the city will be "smashed to pieces". In a highly-charged press conference, she also defended the city-wide police clearance operations on Sunday, saying she hoped people could understand the force is working in difficult situations. Jimmy Choi reports:
Carrie Lam ‘has lost control’   Listenfacebook
A survey done by the Hong Kong Public Opinion Program has found that Carrie Lam's popularity rating has dropped to 27.9 percent - a new record low for a Chief Executive. The survey was carried out over the first six days of this month. Polytechnic University social policy scholar, Chung Kim-wah, says Lam and Police Commissioner have Stephen Lo have failed to address public concerns and damaged any goodwill that they had built up. He spoke to Hugh Chiverton:
Police investigate serious eye injury   Listenfacebook
The police launched a formal investigation on Tuesday into how a young woman suffered a serious eye injury during clashes with anti-extradition protesters in Tsim Sha Tsui on Sunday. Timmy Sung reports:
Rights front tries to organise another mass march   Listenfacebook
The Civil Human Rights Front is trying to organise another mass anti-extradition march this Sunday. It's intended to protest against the police crackdown on protesters, as well as the force's alleged tolerance of suspected mobsters who've attacked activists. The front's vice-convenor, Bonnie Leung, told Jim Gould the police wouldn't have grounds to object to their march:
Trump delays some tariffs on Chinese goods   Listenfacebook
The US President, Donald Trump, has delayed the introduction of a 10 percent tariff on some Chinese imports until mid-December. He said the move was to avoid hitting American shoppers this Christmas. The higher tax would have meant a range of goods, including laptops, mobile phones and certain items of clothing would be more expensive from next month. But other items on Trump’s US$300 billion list will face 10 percent import duties as planned at the beginning of September. China has recently scrapped all purchases of American agricultural products as trade tensions between the two countries worsened. The Director of the California State Trade Expansion Program, Jeffrey Williamson, is visiting Hong Kong. Mike Weeks asked him if things are a lot different in the city now than when he last came one year ago: