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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Ian Pooler


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Arrest of mall security guards sparks another protest   Listenfacebook
Five staff from a Ma On Shan mall were freed on bail on Wednesday night after being charged with obstructing police at the shopping centre on Monday. As Cecil Wong reports, their arrests caused an uproar, with critics saying police had no right to force their way into the private premises in the first place:
Police action at Sheung Shui station comes under the spotlight   Listenfacebook
A spokesman for the Civil Rights Observer, Icarus Wong, says a police operation on Tuesday night - when masked undercover officers were spotted inside Sheung Shui MTR Station after it closed down early – will only serve to drive an ever bigger wedge between the force and the general public. The police on Wednesday dismissed speculation that the officers had dressed themselves to look like protesters and that they were vandalising the station. But Wong told Annemarie Evans they should have made it clear who they were rather than trying to scare away the people who spotted them:
Carrie Lam warned off ‘killing Hong Kong'   Listenfacebook
The leader of the Liberal Party, Felix Chung, has told RTHK he doesn't think it was necessary for the government to invoke the Emergency Regulations Ordinance to ban masks at protests. Chung believes the move will only escalate the level of violence, as seen over the weekend. He is one of just two pro-establishment lawmakers who refused to sign a statement supporting the anti-mask law. Chung also expressed concern other emergency measures could now be introduced by Carrie Lam’s administration, such as restrictions on the internet. He told Janice Wong that any such move would, as he put, "kill Hong Kong immediately":
HK’s competitive ranking ‘set to plunge’   Listenfacebook
The World Economic Forum has ranked Hong Kong the third most competitive economy in the world, up four spots from last year. The annual Global Competitiveness Index ranks economies according to 103 indicators across a dozen categories. While Hong Kong scored highly across multiple "pillars" - individual indicators show that judicial independence and press freedom in the SAR are perceived to be declining. The survey was done before mass protests first erupted in Hong Kong in June against Carrie Lam’s proposed extradition bill. Former Democratic Party leader and reporter, Emily Lau, told Ian Pooler such indicators are now going to plunge unless the government starts trying to de-escalate the political unrest and violence gripping the city:
Irrelevant facts used to jail localist over riot: lawyer   Listenfacebook
A lawyer representing prominent localist Edward Leung has told the High Court that a trial judge mistakenly took irrelevant factors into consideration when he sentenced him to six years in jail. The activist is seeking to overturn the sentence for his role in the Mong Kok riots of 2016. Violet Wong has more:
Lam urged to lift more out of property-poverty trap   Listenfacebook
Ahead of the chief executive's policy address next week, calls are growing for the government to find more land to build public housing for low-income people. Damon Pang has been speaking to one hospital worker about Hong Kong's property-poverty trap: