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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Vicky Wong


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Selected audio segments:
John Lee to submit nominations for CE  Listenfacebook
Former chief secretary John Lee is set to submit his candidacy for the upcoming Chief Executive election on Wednesday morning. In making the announcement, Lee said he had secured nominations from almost half of the Election Committee that will select Hong Kong's next leader. Mike Weeks reports:
Far more people apply for HK$10,000 jobless subsidy  Listenfacebook
The government says it has received around 470,000 applications for a HK$10,000 subsidy for people who've recently lost their jobs due to the effects of the Covid epidemic. Authorities had in February anticipated that there would only be 300,000 applicants. Doris Ho, the head of the government’s Policy Innovation and Coordination Office told Vicky Wong that's both because more people have lost their jobs, and because authorities had expanded the scope of the scheme:
Shanghai eases back Covid restrictions as infections fall  Listenfacebook
Shanghai has finally seen a slight drop in new Covid infections a day after the city took its first tentative step towards easing a Covid lockdown that began more than two weeks ago. But health authorities urged residents of China's business capital to stay vigilant. Frances Sit reports:
Authorities probe 'empty' Covid jab for student  Listenfacebook
Health authorities are investigating a report of a primary-school student being given an empty syringe, instead of the Covid vaccine. But as Altis Wong reports, it appears to have had no adverse impact on the pupil’s health:
Govt defends testing requirement for students, teachers  Listenfacebook
The Undersecretary for Education, Christine Choi, has dismissed concerns that there will be a labelling effect on unvaccinated schoolchildren who can't take part in extracurricular activities. As Timmy Sung reports, the official also defended the government's decision to require students and staff to get tested every day:
'Oral Covid drugs for private doctors will prevent severe infections'  Listenfacebook
Medical Association president Choi Kin says a government initiative giving private doctors access to oral Covid drugs will 'definitely' be effective in preventing severe Covid infections. Authorities had said on Monday that private doctors could request antivirals through a dedicated electronic platform. Choi told Janice Wong this is a sensible arrangement:
PolyU researchers introduce 'fast, accurate' new Covid test  Listenfacebook
Researchers at Polytechnic University say they've developed a portable device offering a faster and more convenient way to identify Covid patients than PCR tests – which involve laboratories. They say the new device, using gold nanoparticle technology, is as accurate as a PCR test. But while those tests take about two to four hours, the researchers say their device can test up to four samples in about 40 minutes or less. Thomas Lee, a lead researcher and an associate professor at the university's department of biomedical engineering, spoke to Jimmy Choi:
Boris Johnson offers 'full apology' after Partygate fine  Listenfacebook
Britain's prime minister, Boris Johnson, his wife, Carrie, and his finance minister, Rishi Sunak, have apologised and paid police fines for attending a birthday party in Downing Street in breach of Covid rules in June 2020. Speaking to journalists, he offered a "full apology" for the breach, and said that at the time "it did not occur to him that it could've been a breach of the rules. Johnson is the first British prime minister to receive a criminal sanction while in office. But he dismissed opposition demands for his resignation. Vicky Wong asked our UK correspondent Peter Anderson if the police investigation into party-gate is now over:
Russia will reach its noble objectives in Ukraine: Putin  Listenfacebook
President Vladimir Putin says Russia's military operation in Ukraine will undoubtedly achieve what he described as its "noble" objectives. Speaking in the Russian Far East, the Kremlin chief was quoted by Russian news agencies as saying that the main objective of Moscow's military campaign was to save people in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine. Annemarie Evans asked our Moscow correspondent, Fred Weir, about the battle that's now anticipated: