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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Vicky Wong


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16 operating theatres suspended over loose lights  Listenfacebook
The Hospital Authority has suspended the use of 16 operating theatres across public hospitals after screws were found to have come loose on their surgical lights. Comprehensive checks were carried out on all lighting units made by the Swedish company, Getinge, after one fell from the ceiling of an operating theatre in United Christian Hospital on Saturday, injuring an assistant anaesthetist. Vanessa Cheng reports:
'Frightening' incident needs full investigation  Listenfacebook
Medical-sector lawmaker, David Lam, says it is unusual for surgical lights to fall, describing the incident as "frightening". He said it was fortunate that a surgery was not taking place at the time, as the injury to a patient on an operating table could be quite severe. He told Vanessa Cheng that a full investigation was needed:
HK rescue team completes first overseas mission  Listenfacebook
The members of the Hong Kong rescue team sent to Turkey say they are honoured to have completed a nine-day operation to help victims of the earthquakes that devastated the country just over two weeks ago, despite challenges such as cold weather and language barriers. The Chief Executive called the members of the team the "pride of Hong Kong". Kelly Yu reports:
Cold weather was biggest challenge to HK rescuers  Listenfacebook
The Hong Kong rescue team pulled four survivors from the rubble in southern Turkey. Deputy Chief Fire Officer Yiu Men-yeung described the mission as challenging, as members were not accustomed to such cold weather. He told Kelly Yu about the experience and how he hoped the SAR could have future collaboration with the mainland rescue team:
Students 'happy' not to eat regular lunch boxes  Listenfacebook
Some school students that RTHK has spoken to say they are happy and excited about not having to eat their usual lunch fare. Lunch box services were suspended on Monday and Tuesday by one of Hong Kong's main suppliers after several students fell ill. The supplier indicated it could not cope with demand due to the resumption of in-person classes across Hong Kong, after pandemic restrictions were dropped. Ada Au reports:
Tsing Yi school parents feed teachers, students  Listenfacebook
Parents at one school hit by the suspension of Luncheon Star's production line have taken matters into their own hands. A dozen mothers of children at the school in Tsing Yi donned aprons to whip up meals for 170 pupils and teachers on Monday, as Maggie Ho reports:
'Govt must help solve Luncheon Star problem'  Listenfacebook
A Tsing Yi school says the government should intervene and ensure a lunch box operator can safely provide meals for the hundreds of schools it serves. Ray Chan, the school affairs chief at Yan Chai Hospital Chiu Tsang Hok Wan Primary School, praised the students and mothers who helped feed the school on Monday, preparing 200 lunch boxes. Chan told Janice Wong that the school's Parent Teacher Association was prepared to go shopping again on Wednesday, should the suspension continue:
Chinese provinces top list of climate vulnerable regions  Listenfacebook
Nine of the top 10 regions that are most at risk from climate change-driven weather extremes are located on the mainland. The new survey looked at 2,600 regions worldwide, and revealed that the so-called "engine rooms" of the global economy may face catastrophic hazards such as rising sea levels, river flooding and wildfires. Wendy Wong reports:
N Korea fires rockets after US, S Korea drills  Listenfacebook
North Korea has fired another two rockets into the Sea of Japan just two days after launching one of its most powerful intercontinental ballistic missiles. As Aaron Tam reports, it made clear the launches were in response to US weapons deployments and joint military drills on the Korean peninsula:
New report highlights toll on Ukrainian children  Listenfacebook
The international charity, Save the Children, says an estimated four children are killed or injured in Ukraine every day. In a report, A Heavy Toll, marking almost one year since Russia began its attack, the charity said children had been forced to hide underground for an average of 920 hours in the past year, with data showing there were more than 16,000 air raid sirens, lasting an hour on average. Helen I'Anson, its director of International Programmes and Advocacy, told Vicky Wong that the war had been a catastrophe for children in Ukraine:
British police identify body of missing mother  Listenfacebook
British police have identified a body found in a river in the northwest of England as that of a woman who went missing over three weeks ago, sparking a huge search. Nicola Bulley, a 45-year-old mother of two, vanished while walking her dog in late January. Speculation on social media attracted amateur sleuths to the small town in Lancashire and spurred unofficial searches for the mother. RTHK's UK correspondent Gavin Grey told Vicky Wong that the case attracted huge media coverage given the circumstances around her disappearance: