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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Samantha Butler


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Authorities look for funds for mega transport link  Listenfacebook
Authorities say they are finding ways to fund the construction of a new cross-border rail link between Hong Kong and Shenzhen, despite a rising fiscal deficit. As Wendy Wong reports, the Secretary for Development, Bernadette Linn, made the announcement during a press conference where she also unveiled more details about the Northern Metropolis development plan:
400 nominated for District Council elections  Listenfacebook
The Registration and Electoral Office says it has received 400 nomination forms for December's District Council elections at the end of the nomination period on Monday. The DAB party has the highest number of nominees while opposition groups failed to field a candidate. Violet Wong reports:
US politician avoids gun possession charge  Listenfacebook
The West Kowloon Court has dismissed a gun possession charge against an American politician after he agreed to be placed on a good behaviour order. Jeff Wilson, a Republican member of the Washington State Senate, was arrested earlier this month after he declared he was carrying the gun upon arriving in Hong Kong. Damon Pang reports:
LNG terminal a step towards 'zero-emissions'  Listenfacebook
The head of Hong Kong's new offshore LNG terminal says it has been running smoothly since it opened in July, with the first ships carrying liquefied natural gas having docked already. The terminal, in the SAR's southwestern waters, collects and stores the liquified gas and turns it back into gas that power stations can use. Terminal director, Daman Lee, told Hailey Yip that using LNG will play a key role in efforts to achieve net zero emissions under the government's 2050 Climate Action Plan:
LNG terminal a 'quick-win for the short term'  Listenfacebook
An environmental researcher says Hong Kong's offshore LNG terminal is a 'quick-win for the short term' to reduce the city's carbon emissions. Lawrence Iu from the environmental think tank, Civic Exchange, said LNG, while still a fossil fuel, emitted 50 percent less carbon dioxide than coal. He said using hydrogen would be a better long term solution for power generation. But he told Samantha Butler that the current supply of hydrogen could not meet global demand:
Framework needed on storage and usage of hydrogen  Listenfacebook
A representative of the automotive industry has welcomed a government move to pave the way for the adoption of hydrogen-fuelled vehicles. Chief Executive John Lee said in his Policy Address that officials would formulate a strategy on hydrogen, with the intention of tabling a bill to Legco in 2025. Lawrence Cheung, CEO of the Automotive Platforms and Application Systems Research and Development Centre, said the government should provide a framework to ensure hydrogen was safe to use, and find locations for fuelling stations. He spoke to Violet Wong:
Former student leaders jailed for incitement  Listenfacebook
Four former members of the Hong Kong University Students' Union have each been sentenced to 24 months in prison over incitement to wound. The four passed a motion in July 2021 to commemorate a man who had stabbed a police officer and then committed suicide. Elvis Yu reports:
International security forum begins in China  Listenfacebook
A top Chinese military official says the nation will develop military ties with the United States. Zhang Youxia was speaking at the opening of a defence conference in Beijing, where he also hit out at certain countries for "deliberately creating turmoil". Kelly Yu reports:
28 injured in rollercoaster crash in Shenzhen  Listenfacebook
Shenzhen authorities now say 28 people were injured in a rollercoaster crash at the Happy Valley theme park in Nanshan district. 17 are still in hospital with four in intensive care. Mainland officials had previously said only eight people were injured in the Friday night accident, which they said was caused by a malfunction. Ally Chan reports:
Evergrande given more time to come up with debt plan  Listenfacebook
A Hong Kong winding up hearing into the indebted mainland property giant, Evergrande, has been adjourned but a High Court judge told the company there will be no more delays and it must come up with a restructuring plan. Natale Ching reports:
EV-maker, BYD, posts record Q3 profit  Listenfacebook
China's top electric car maker BYD has announced a record quarterly profit. Violet Wong reports:
Probe finds widespread abuse from Spain's Catholic clergy  Listenfacebook
An independent commission has found more than 200,000 children are estimated to have suffered sexual abuse from Spain's Catholic clergy. The public investigation by Spain's ombudsman also criticised the Church for its inaction and attempts to cover up or deny the abuse. RTHK's Europe correspondent, Peter Anderson, told Annemarie Evans that the report was ordered by Spain's Congress last year and interviewed 800,000 members of the public: