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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Samantha Butler


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Significant drop in TSA results 'within acceptable range'  Listenfacebook
Fewer students have met basic competency levels in all three subjects for this year's Territory-wide System Assessment, also known as the TSA. As Frank Yung reports, education officials say people should not read too much into the results of the first such assessment since the Covid pandemic ended:
Drop in teacher-student engagement reflected in TSA  Listenfacebook
Professor Hau Kit-tai from the Chinese University's Ed-Data-X Research Centre says the weaker performance by students was expected as teachers were unable to push them to study hard during the pandemic. The TSA assesses students in grades primary three, primary six and secondary three. Professor Hau spoke to Frank Yung about the results:
Students will 'catch up' but don't drill them  Listenfacebook
A secondary school principal says the poorer results in the latest territory-wide exams is a reflection of the lack of face-to-face teaching time during the Covid pandemic. Dion Chen, chairman of the Direct Subsidy Scheme Schools Council, says the TSA results are similar to the downward trends seen in international scores. He told Samantha Butler that he believed the students would be able to catch up, and he cautioned against pushing them too hard given the mental health issues that came out of the pandemic:
'Dog meat' scammers steal $1.4 million from customers  Listenfacebook
Police investigating an online shop over the suspected sale of dog meat say the vendor has duped customers out of almost $1.4 million. As Frank Yung reports, the alleged scammers are believed to have lured people into downloading a malicious shopping app and tricking them into providing their bank information:
Shortfall of 18,000 government staff 'unsatisfactory'  Listenfacebook
Civil service minister Ingrid Yeung says authorities are trying hard to retain and recruit more civil servants. Her remarks came after a paper submitted to Legco indicated that about 10,000 people had left the civil service in the last financial year, with more than half of them retiring. Vanessa Cheng reports:
Guidelines coming on monitoring district councillors  Listenfacebook
Home affairs minister Alice Mak says the government will soon announce how it will monitor district councillors’ performance. The monitoring mechanism was introduced when the electoral system was reformed earlier this year. Under it, authorities could probe councillors who "fail to meet public expectations". Damon Pang reports:
Caution urged over high-risk MPF investments  Listenfacebook
The Hong Kong Investment Funds Association is appealing for caution, saying many Hong Kong people may be turning to high-return, high-risk investment products to meet their retirement needs. A survey by the association found that people here believed they had to save an average of over $7.6 million to maintain their standards of living after retirement. It also found that while in general they hoped to retire at age 61, that amount of savings would last only 17 years, leaving a seven-year gap considering the city’s average life expectancy of 85. The co-chair of the association's pensions sub-committee, Philip Tso, told Chloe Feng that people should manage their expectations and not blindly chase short-term gains:
Govt to kickstart 'high-end' maritime services  Listenfacebook
Chief Executive John Lee says the government will publish a detailed action plan on maritime and port development strategy in the coming weeks to help develop Hong Kong into a leading international maritime centre. He was speaking at the opening ceremony of the World Maritime Merchants Forum. Ben Tse reports:
Open revolt at OpenAI after CEO fired  Listenfacebook
At least 500 employees of the pioneering artificial intelligence company, Open AI, have threatened to quit over the sacking of its CEO Sam Altman. They are angry about how he and his fellow co-founder Greg Brockman were dismissed. Now, one of the firm's biggest investors, Microsoft, says Altman and Brockman will join it instead. In other tech news, Microsoft introduced a new deepfake creator, and a survey shows most Hong Kong businesses are not ready to adopt AI. Violet Wong has more details in this episode of Tech Tuesday:
Disneyland opens first-ever World of Frozen  Listenfacebook
Hong Kong Disneyland has finally opened the gates to its first and largest-ever Frozen themed attraction. Visitors can see the fictional kingdom of Arendelle from the hit movie brought to life, including an Ice Palace, and clock tower. RTHK's Hailey Yip was there:
Ukraine war: Tide turning in Russia's favour  Listenfacebook
The Ukrainian army says it has pushed Russian forces back "three to eight kilometres" from the banks of the Dnipro river, the first measurable advance by Kyiv's forces months into a disappointing counter-offensive. Rumours of tensions at the top, exhaustion after two years of fighting Russia, and frustration with its allies are dampening the mood in Kyiv. RTHK's Moscow correspondent, Fred Weir, said as winter comes to the region, the tide is now turning in Russia's favour. He spoke to Annemarie Evans: