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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Samantha Butler


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Changing habits will take more than one 'magical day'  Listenfacebook
The environment secretary says officials will take the initiative in testing out the waste charging scheme in government buildings from April but also warned it could take years before a change is seen in people's waste habits. On Friday, amid much confusion over how the pay-as-you-throw scheme would be implemented, the government delayed it by four months and said public buildings would trial it first. Kelly Yu reports:
C15+ lawmakers call for scrapping of 'spicy' measures  Listenfacebook
A group of lawmakers, calling themselves C15+, has met Financial Secretary Paul Chan to tell him what they would like to see in his upcoming budget. Many of them called for an end to all so-called "spicy" property-cooling measures and for no new taxes to be introduced. One of the group's members, Chan Siu-hung, also called on officials to roll out more tax incentives for middle-class families - especially those with children - to help boost Hong Kong's birthrate. The lawmaker told Chloe Feng that they urged authorities to review surging infrastructure project costs as well:
Support for judges reiterated at start of Legal Year  Listenfacebook
Chief Justice Andrew Cheung says defendants in national security cases are treated fairly and their rights are respected in accordance with the law. In a speech marking the start of the Legal Year, he said the courts would not yield to any pressure to convict or acquit defendants. Wendy Wong reports:
New High Court complex planned at Queensway  Listenfacebook
Another announcement made at the start of the Legal Year was that Queensway Government Offices in Admiralty would be converted into a new High Court building. This is a change from the government's plans in last year's Policy Address to relocate it to the Central harbourfront. Cathie Chung, Senior Director of Research at real estate services company, JLL, told Samantha Butler that the current sluggish market sentiment and the pause on government land sales likely led to the change of plans:
Debut symposium to lure Asian, European regulators  Listenfacebook
European and Asian finance regulators will be invited to attend the debut of a leadership gathering organised by the Securities and Futures Commission. Panellists will examine regulatory frameworks, as well as FinTech and AI. Altis Wong reports:
Yunnan landslide buries 18 households  Listenfacebook
President Xi Jinping has called for "all-out" rescue efforts in the province of Yunnan where a landslide has buried at least 47 people. At least three people have died after the landslide, which occurred on Monday morning in Zhenxiong County in the province's northeast. Some 18 households were buried. As Natale Ching reports, hundreds of people have been evacuated and it is not clear what caused the landslide:
India unveils new temple at controversial site  Listenfacebook
Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, says the opening of a Hindu temple in the northern city of Ayodhya has heralded "a new era" for the country. He was speaking after inaugurating the temple that was built on the ruins of a 16th century mosque, whose destruction by a mob in 1992 sparked deadly religious riots. Millions of people watched the ceremony on TV. It has been widely seen as marking the unofficial start of Modi's re-election campaign. Kelly Yu spoke to RTHK's South Asia correspondent, Murali Krishnan, about the significance of the event:
Tech Tuesday looks at the military potential for AI  Listenfacebook
OpenAI has quietly changed its policy regarding the military use of its tools, such as ChatGPT. While they still prohibit the use of AI to develop weapons, they have recently removed the specific ban on military applications. So, what is the potential for AI in the military world? Violet Wong and Raj Shroff find out in this week's Tech Tuesday: