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‘Shen Chunyao’s assertion contradicts Basic Law’  Listenfacebook
A top mainland legal expert on Tuesday warned during a seminar in Hong Kong that any attempts to use the city as a base to subvert the authority of the central government or jeopardise national security, will not be tolerated. Shen Chunyao, who heads both the Legislative Affairs Commission and the Basic Law Committee, also stressed that Hong Kong's Basic Law is a ‘subsidiary’ of China's constitution, and therefore cannot be separated from what he described as the ‘parent’ law. Jim Gould asked legal sector lawmaker Dennis Kwok from the Civic Party what he made of Mr Shen's comments
HK couples having fewer kids because of money worries  Listenfacebook
A new survey has found that couples in Hong Kong are having fewer children than they want, largely because they're worried they can't handle the financial burden and added responsibility of having more kids. A survey of more than 2,500 people by the Family Planning Association also found a slight increase in the proportion of single-child families from the previous study conducted five years ago. 38.5 percent of respondents had just one child, up one percentage point. The association's executive director, Dr Susan Fan, told Wendy Wong that this was consistent with the worldwide trend, where single-child families have become the norm
Sexual abuse scandal threatens dream of women footballers in Afghanistan  Listenfacebook
One of Afghanistan's top sports officials on Monday admitted for the first time that players in the women's national football squad and in others sports have been sexually abused, and the problem must be addressed. The acknowledgement by Hafizullah Rahimi, the head of the national Olympic committee, follows repeated denials by the country's football federation that abuse has ever taken place. The allegations of years of rape, sexual harassment and sexual coercion have been voiced publicly by a former captain of the women's football team, Khalida Popal. AnneMarie Evans asked RTHK's correspondent in Kabul, Jennifer Glasse, how long this had been going on