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'No evidence’ China playing the hostage card in Meng case  Listenfacebook
US President Donald Trump on Wednesday said he could intervene in the case of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou - if it helps to prevent worsening ties between Beijing and Washington. Meng has been granted bail by a judge in Canada. She faces extradition to the US on allegations she covered up Huawei's ties to a company that sold equipment to Iran in defiance of American sanctions. Meng will remain in Vancouver for the duration of the proceedings, which may take years. AnneMarie Evans asked Professor Willy Lam of Chinese University if President Trump was able to interfere in the Canadian judicial process
‘Merging RTHK with ISD would save taxpayers money’  Listenfacebook
The Commerce Secretary, Edward Yau, on Wednesday said there are no plans at the moment to merge RTHK with other government departments, such as the Information Services Department. Pro-establishment lawmakers have stepped up their attack on RTHK - accusing it of producing biased programmes, while opposition legislators accused their pro-government colleagues of interfering with the station's editorial independence. Priscilla Ng asked pro-government lawmaker Junius Ho why he thinks now is the time to consider merging RTHK with other departments
More Brexit uncertainty as Theresa May faces leadership challenge  Listenfacebook
MPs from Britain's governing Conservative Party on Wednesday triggered a vote of no-confidence in the prime minister, Theresa May. She said she'll contest the no-confidence vote with everything she has. May said a change of leadership would put the country's future at risk – in the midst of the Brexit debate. AnneMarie Evans asked RTHK's UK correspondent, Peter Anderson, what he thought of Theresa May's chances of surviving the vote